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Tomfoolery Good Vibes Tour - Pacific Coast

Tom completed leg number three of his quest to bicycle the perimeter of the United States by traveling from Vancouver Island, Canada to Tijuana, Mexico in March 2020. This 4.5 month journey featured epic coastal views, some of the biggest trees in the world, rugged beaches and quaint surf towns. As he traveled Tom shared stories of the good vibes leaders he met along the way. Good Vibes Leaders are people, places, organizations and projects that are making the world a happier, accepting and loving place.

2016 - Leg #1: San Diego, CA to Key West, FL southern route across America

2018 - Leg #2: Key West, FL to Lubec, ME up the Atlantic Coast

2019/2020 Leg #3: Vancouver Island, Canada to Tijuana, Mexico

2020 - Leg #4: Port Angeles, WA to Bath, ME across the northern United States - In progress


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