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SUP Twin Creek

Completed June 2020

Shannon Thomas and I thru paddled Twin Creek. A gorgeous 40 mile creek that flows through the forests and farmlands of southwestern Ohio before joining the Great Miami River (a major tributary of the Ohio River).

We completed this adventure in two nights and three days on Stand Up Paddleboards. Finding beautiful campsites, swimming holes, rope swings and quality conversation with a great friend.

This journey was part number four of my quest to paddle the lengths of our local rivers in southwest Ohio. Twin Creek, Little Miami, Great Miami, Mad River are all complete. Stillwater and Wolf Creek remain.

I call these local long distance adventures. Think about your favorite local river, trail or bike path. Have you ever wondered where it begins?, how many miles it is? thought about spending an overnight? What if you completed the whole thing?

This mindset allowed me to bridge the gap between daily micro adventures and lifetime sized journeys. I seek once in a life time experiences all the time. There is no quota.

I see a river or creek and often think I want to paddle the entire thing. Same thing with biking and hiking trails.

Local long distance adventures (my definition)

*multiple nights on trail, river, path, etc *point A to B thru hike, bike, paddle, etc *within a two-three hour drive of home *can be completed within a weekend or weeks time

These adventures provide some of the same rewards and challenges that a destination level extended adventure include. Hope this inspires you to look at your local, rivers, paths and trails a bit differently.


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