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Tomfoolery Good Vibes Tour - Northern Route

The final leg of Tom's quest to bicycle the perimeter of the United States is complete after bicycling from Port Angeles, WA to the Atlantic Coast of Maine in Bath. This journey connected the dots on a big happy, adventurous, loving loop around America. The northern route featured a bit of everything was self-supported and lasted 100 days (completed October 28,2020)

*Mountain rainforests of the Olympic Peninsula,

*breathtaking alpine views of the cascades, rockies and appalachian mountains

*big sky plains in Montana and North Dakota.

*Mississippi River valley bluffs of Wisconsin and Minnesota

*Northwoods lakes of Minnesota and Michigan

*Great Lakes coastal riding in Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York

*Niagara Falls

*Historic Erie Canal Trail from Buffalo to Albany, NY

*Fall colors in New England

*Swim in the Atlantic Ocean - Grand Finale in coastal Maine.

This journey was loaded with love and good vibes. Tom shared the stories of good vibes leaders. People places, organizations and projects that are making the world a happier, accepting and loving place. Follow the journey


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