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Tomfoolery Good Vibes Tour - Atlantic Coast

Tom Helbig (Tomfoolery) completed the second leg of the Tomfoolery Good Vibes Tour. He plans to ride around the perimeter of the United States on his bicycle to celebrate the positive people, places, organizations and community projects along the route. Tom will use volunteer service and social media storytelling to celebrate the good vibes leaders in our country. During the winter 2016, he completed the southern route from San Diego, CA to Key West, FL to raise money and awareness for Special Olympic programs. It was an effective project that resulted in 13 service days and almost $10,000 raised. The ride resumed in Key West in February 2018 where he traveled along the Atlantic Coast to Canada finishing in May 2018. Next, he will tackle the Pacific Coast in Spring 2019 from Canada to Mexico. The northern route will conclude one big happy loop to remind us all that love and good vibes are all around.

Track his progress with this interactive map courtesy of Yellow Springer Tees

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Find out how you can support my efforts to share love and good vibes. Join our virtual support crew today!

You can join the virtual support crew and help Tom remind people that the world is filled with amazing people, organizations and community projects. Your contributions will help with film-making, promotions, permits, research, gear, food and lodging.

Support Crew options are as colorful as the characters Tomfoolery will celebrate. You can help Tomfoolery with adventure expenses or treat a good vibes leader along the route. For the cost of dinner and a movie you can spread good vibes and become an import part of the journey.

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